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2017 Presentation Night

The Club held there end of season presentation night on Saturday 20 May 2017.

Congratulations to our major club award winners . A big thankyou to all of our members who supported our annual presentation night recognising the efforts of our volunteers . Without you guys we can’t do what we do .

Competitor of the Year
Lachlan O’Reilly

Team of the Year
Under 19 Board & Taplin Team
Jack Pavey, Sean O’Reilly & Lachlan O’Reilly

John Mills Encouragement Award
Nick Bulloch

Mark Wilson Award
Andrew O’Rourke

Boat Awards
Rookie of the Year
Ollie Smyth

Johnny Lawler Award
Zade Goodenough

Boat Rower of the Year
Rach Smyth

Patrol of the Year
Patrol 8

Patrol Person of the Year
Tommie Strydom

Geoff O’Brien Award
John Wake

Female Club Person of the Year
Bridget Sheridan

Club Person of the Year
Aaron Mann

Well done to all of our award winners .


We would like to thank all of our patrolling members for their efforts over the season and service to our club and our community . Our patrol captains led their teams by example maintaining a high standard of lifesaving . Our focus on prevention is reflected in the limited amount of rescues that were required so well done team !!! Here’s a little snapshot of our statistics from this season:

-Total Patrol Hours : 4,876 hours

-Patrol Number 8 had the most total patrol hours of 678.5 hours from 481 rostered hours

-Patrol number 3 had the most volunteer hours of 170.5 hours

-Leading patrolling female : Poppy Smyth 97.5 hours

-Leading patrolling male : Aaron Mann 110.3 hours

– 16 rescues for the season

– 9241 members of the public visited park beach over the patrolling season

– 35 first aid cases

– 4 people required hospitalisation

– 677 preventative rescues

– 3 beach closures


Top 20 patrolling member hours for 2016/2017
Aaron Mann 110.25
Tommie Strydom 101.5
Poppy Smyth 97.5
Meg Pittman 84
Steve Pittman 80
Kay Joseph 77.5
Andrew O’Rourke 77.5
Steve Ryan 77.25
Rach Smyth 76.5
Jake Thompson 76.25
Ollie Smyth 75
Dave Morgan 74
Carrie Pittman 69
Gavin Willis 67.5
Jamie Marschke 67.25
Darren O’Reilly 65.5
Cody Polkinghorne 65.25
Erin Willis 65
Sean O’Reilly 64
Paul Pallet 63.5

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