To affiliate with and remain affiliated with SLSA and Surf Life Saving New South Wales Inc., through Surf Life Saving North Coast Branch.

To promote advance and control the work of surf life saving and the resuscitation of the apparently drowned.

To promote the study and practice of the methods of surf life saving as taught by SLSA.

To minimise the loss of life from drowning by providing efficient life saving apparatus.

To promote, demonstration and arrange classes of instruction and so bring about a widespread and thorough knowledge of the principles which underlie the best interests of surf life saving and surf bathing.

To appoint life saving patrols and to render all possible aid to those in distress.

To promote the moral, intellectual, social and physical welfare of its members.

To provide any or all of the facilities necessary to further the aims and advancement of surf life saving at Park Beach or elsewhere in New South Wales and to give whatever assistance the Board may consider convenient for this purpose.

To purchase, lease or otherwise acquire and hold any freehold or leasehold property or any easement rights or privileges which the Board may think requisite for the purposes of or capable of being conveniently used in conjunction with any of the objects of the Club.

To encourage foster and promote surf life saving in such areas as may be determined from time to time by the Board.

To organise and conduct carnivals and social functions for the benefit and assistance of the Club in the attainment of the Club’s objectives.

To subscribe to, become a member of, and co-operate with or amalgamate with any other organisation, whether incorporated or not, whose primary objects are similar to or compatible with to those of the Club.

Our Club Policies have been developed to provide directions and guidelines across the range of activities that are undertaken by the Club. They have been developed to provide efficient and accountable guidelines for the proper running of our organisation in accordance with the club’s constitution and mission statement.

Competition and Training Policy

Purchasing policy – Final

Carnival Entry Fees Policy

Club Room Policy

Patrol award policy

Team Selection Policy

Rehabilitation and Return to Duties Policy

Workplace Surveillance

Member Protection

Sub Committee Policy

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