On Friday 28th to Sunday 30th February our club competitors were running, diving, swimming, paddling and sometimes fighting the elements at Forster.

Overall Coffs Harbour placed 10th in the Club Point score which incidentally was the same placing as 2020.

Our nipper contingent led the way on Friday with many successes on the beach and in the water.

The under 8’s in their first Country Champs had wonderful results. Joshua placed first in the wade, sprint, and flags. Ariana placed first in flags. Joshua, Ariana, Juno & Kalani then came third in the sprint relay. They would like to thank all of the officials, mentors & helpers both on the day & who got them there!

In our under nine age group, Lola showed the whole club how to persevere and paddle. Her massive efforts in the All Age Relay and individual board indicate that she will be a stellar competitor in years to come. Lola’s skills were tremendous battling the waves; she never lost control of her board and kept looking for a way out. Harrison Wills ran very well in his sprint final, missing out on a podium. Harrison finished fourth. His board paddling is also improving and next year is an opportunity for Harrison to show off his skills.

The under tens started their campaign early on Friday morning being looked after by the ever watchful eye of Shane. The under tens represented by Billy, Alan, Noah, Kyle, Pippa and Tahina all had good results over the two days of competition. Billy finished sixth in the surf race. Tahina helped the all age beach relay to achieve a second place. In their respective events all the under tens represented the club in outstanding fashion.

Results in the under elevens were pleasing. Poppy Barclay once again showed that she is a board paddler of distinction. Her second place was a valiant paddle in the trying conditions. Saxon Bannerman placed 5th in his surf race and Lawson Maria had some courageous paddles on his board in training and while racing.

During the carnival our under twelves took aim at the surf and propelled themselves along the beach. Oki, Anai, Charlie and Tess all competed in high spirits. Charlie also assisted the All Age Relay team to a second place. At times the surf can be unforgiving and the girls all showed that they can compete; given time each will improve with dedication to training and maintaining a love for the sport.

Having their last year on a shortboard Quinn, Cooper, Coco and Cara all navigated their respective water events. Cara finished 3rd in her board race where an equal first was awarded. She placed a gallant fifth place in her Ironperson final. Coco made finals in the water in each discipline. Quinn placed second in the beach flags and sixth in the sprint. He was quoted over the weekend for saying. “I need longer legs.” Cooper went around the cans on several occasions with a limited preparation and it was great to see him compete. Riley surfed consistently to also place third in the board riding event (Great to see we have some surfing happening again).

In the under fourteen age group Titan placed first in the 2km run. He led from start to finish.

New to longboards the under fourteen contingent involved themselves in the thick of the action. Larni placed second in her surf race, fifth in her board race and fifth in her ironperson. Larni, teamed up with Holly, Jack, and Abbey to claim a fourth spot in the surf team event. All the under fourteens made finals and raced through heats to make it.

In their first year in the youth age group our under fifteens recorded some credible results. There were a few occasions where teams had to change from mixed to straight male or straight male to mixed and none of them blinked an eye, they happily put their hand straight up to step out for the team. A big congratulation to Levi who raced into third in the sprints.

Our under fifteens also managed top 5 in; swim team, mixed sprint team, male Cameron and surfing. They achieved top 10 in; mixed board relay, board, swim, tube, board rescue, iron and mixed Cameron.

Hudson and Payton represented as our under seventeen contingent. Hudson valiantly placed second in his 2km run. He also helped by providing water safety in the IRB on Saturday, a big help to the club. Lily placed seventh in the open female surf race, fourth in the under seventeen surf race and third in the surfing (according to printed results). Payton paddled around the buoys in the board race and sprinted across the sand fast to bring home the team which won the Lifesaver Relay.

A small contingent of open members represented the club. We had Andrew O’Rourke take to the water in his board race. Although he had some mixed on the board and ski as always Andrew tried his hardest. He contributed a great paddle to secure the win in the Lifesaver Relay.

In the pink area (and sometimes the red area) our masters went around. Mel, Aaron, Amanda and Grant had some successes. Aaron led the way with a second in the board and ski. He finished fifth in the surf race and third in his ironperson. Aaron combined with Grant for a third in the board rescue and fifth in the open double ski. Mel and Amanda placed second in their board rescue event.

Our boat crews performed well over the weekend. With third in the Open Men, second in the Open Women, first in the Reserves and second in the Masters 180’s Men. In the short course our boaties placed second in the Open mens and first in the Masters men’s races.

All our competitors would like to thank our members who officiated at the carnival and who provided water safety.

We wish every competitor luck going to the NSW State Titles in late February.