Name : Jamie Marschke

Age: 55

Profession:  Senior Radio Technician

When and where did you start your surf life-saving journey ? Darwin SLSC / 1985

What awards do you have? Yep too many. 

What is the best part of being a surf life saver? The companionship and all the great people you meet, not only in your local club but many other clubs. Everyone is a true professional about their duties.

What makes a great surf life saver ?  Vigilance and commitment, but mainly someone who wants to have a go and make a difference.

Favourite surf life saving event? Belt and surf race

Favourite surf club moment? mmmm so many, each carnival has been memorable. I got more of a kick out of the end of a Craft Carnival when it is all done and dusted and everyone walks away with a smile on their faces, you make so many friends at the Crafties. 

Who is your favourite Ironman? Trevor Hendy

What would you like to achieve in surf life saving in the future? More women into the movement and more higher awards from club members 🙂