Youth Engagement Program

The Youth Engagement Program (YEP) guides our youth and their families in choosing SLS pathways. The aim of our YEP and its many opportunities is to support our youth in making choices and to inspire them to reach a high level of achievement within CHSLSC.

Youth who undertake activities and courses in the YEP are recognised and presented to the community of Coffs Harbour as competent, capable community minded individuals and cooperative team members.   

The CHSLSC board, Surf and Beach committee, mentors, volunteers and staff encourage participants to complete as much of the YEP as practical.
​The YEP is designed to increase youth interaction and enjoyment in the CHSLSC. 


We would like you to use the buttons below to view the SLS New South Wales pathways for nippers by age. Coffs Harbour surf club abides by these manuals when implementing its nippers program.

U6 Surf Play 1

U7 Surf Play 2

U8 Surf Aware 1

U9 Surf Aware 2

U10 Surf Safe 1

U11 Surf Safe 2

U12 Surf Smart 1

U13 Surf Smart 2


Use this portal to guide decision-making and to discover potential courses and experiences available to you. This portal highlights age-appropriate experiences, collates data, and tracks your success and involvement within CHSLSC.


Choose from the following courses and experiences. You will need to be a certain age to access each course and experience. Parental or guardian consent is required to participate.​* DOWNLOAD & PRINT THIS ENROLMENT FORM (WHEN A COURSE IS AVAILABLE). HAND YOUR COMPLETED FORM TO A CLUB TRAINING OFFICER PRIOR TO COURSE COMMENCEMENT.
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    We have a People’s Choice Lottery partnership that supplements the program’s costs, evolvement and maintenance.