Young Athletes Shine at NSW Country Championships

Young Athletes Shine at NSW Country Championships

In a display of great sportsmanship and teamwork, 11 junior competitors from the Coffs Surf Club showcased their talent and dedication at the recent NSW Country Championship competition in Warilla Beach on the South Cost of NSW. Despite tough competition, the young athletes represented their club with pride and enthusiasm, making their mark in various events.

Hope demonstrated her strength in the water, earning 1st place in the Surf Swim category, while Poppy showcased her endurance with a solid 2nd place finish in the challenging 2km run.

The thrill of the beach sprint saw Lawson displaying his speed and agility, earning a commendable 4th place, while Enzo showcased his skill in the Flags event, also claiming 4th place.

Both Ariana and Tahina demonstrated their expertise by finishing 5th in the Flags event each, adding to the club’s accolades.

Moreover,  Kai, Juno, Emily, Lola and Kalani all achieved personal best results, indicating their dedication to improvement and their bright futures in competitive sports.

The event not only highlighted the achievements of these young athletes but also emphasized the strong sense of camaraderie and unity within the Coffs Surf Club. As they continue to train and compete, these junior competitors are sure to inspire others with their passion and determination.

These impressive performances not only reflect the individual skills of the athletes but also the strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship fostered within the club. Congratulations to all participants for representing Coffs Surf Club with pride and dedication