Name : Aaron Beavis Age: 33Profession  : Paramedic

When and where did you start your surf life saving journey ? U8s Coffs Harbour SLSC (1996)

What awards do you have ? I think I’m down for Bronze, Silver and gold medallion. There has been lots of courses and certifications along the way through surf life saving and life guarding.

What is the best part of being a surf life saver? The love (met my wife through surf life saving woopie carnival 2003 haha), the mates, the competition, the training, the opportunities and the life lessons and skills surf life saving teaches you along the way.

What makes a great surf life saver ? When I was growing up (still am), I looked up to those who would paddle out when the surf was huge and breaking out way past the island or caught waves in the mouth of the harbour. Nowadays I love to see people develop ideas and work towards achieving these to better the club and everyone in it.

Favourite surf life saving event ? Board. Maybe transitioning that thought into ski. Absolutely love all team events.

Favourite surf club moment ? So many good memories. 2nd NSW State to the late and great Jacob Lollback. This was special as we were two country boys from Grafton and Coffs. 2nd Qld state in the board rescue with Matty Chase back in the day. Also had so many good times training and travelling in my teenage years mostly in the Rigo mobile. We use to load up Rigos Ute grab the craft trailer and off we went. ‘

Who is your favourite Ironman ? I grew up racing with Ali Day. The guys a beast, a great sportsman and person in general. Ky Hurst was also great to watch. On the girls side, hard not to mention the Hancock sisters, Courtney for her ongoing commitment and success and Bonnie for paddling a ski around Aus 🤯

What would you like to achieve in surf life saving in the future ? Competing and help out with the younger kids and cadets coming through. They are getting hard to keep up with…